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Silicone sponge, foam and silicone tapes are designed to withstand the most demanding aerospace, industrial and high temperature application.   We supply products with a wide variety of characteristics.  Sponge is a closed cell material used for gasketing, thermal shielding, press pads and to isolate vibration.  Foam is a low density, low compression set material designed to meet a variety of flame retardant and low smoke requirements.  All products can be supplied with pressure sensitive adhesives, in sheets and bulk rolls and custom die cut to your specifications.  Click on any picture below to learn more about our standard products..

Low Compression Set

Low Set Sponge

Silicone Foam


Silicone Splice Tape

Silicone Splice Tape

Fiberglass Reinforced

Fiberglass Reinforce

High Temp Tapes

High Temperature Gaskets

 AMS and Solid Silicone

Silicone Rubber Sheets

General Purpose Silicone Sponge

AMS 3195 Silicone Sponge

Flame Retardant


Conductive Silicone


 FDA Grade Silicone

Silicone Rubber Sheets