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Manufactures of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) components, including silicone sponge and silicone foam publish two types of specifications:

Both types of specifications are helpful to the design engineers. 

The typical specifications are used for comparing various products and to hone in on the product that will be best suited for a given application.  Typical specifications are usually stated as one value for a specific property. 

Typical specification sheets are available in .pdf format.  Click here for a complete listing.


The inspection specifications are used for receiving inspection and to ensure consistency of product from lot to lot.  Inspection specifications include ranges of values for a specific property.  The range is often times specified using a 3rd party standard, such as an industry standard or military standard. 

Typical specifications for silicone sponge rubber and silicone foam are found within this web site.  Inspection specifications can be obtained via e-mail  

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