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Our quality program is based on ISO 9001:2000.  It is the "process approach" and our "customer focus" that differentiates us from our competition.  According to the International Organization for Standardization, the process approach is a way of obtaining a desired result, by managing activities.  In the end, our goal is improved customer service, because as a business, we know that customers are everything.

 Please e-mail us your improvement ideas and comments so we can continuously improve.  

ISO 2007

You were exposed to our quality program when you first visited our web site.  In addition to an informative and easy to navigate web site, our quality program includes professional customer service, control plans, lot certification, annual ISO audits and on time delivery.  We can supply certificate of conformance to MIL-R-6130, ASTM specs and AMS3195, AMS3196, AMS3301, AMS3302, AMS3303, AMS3304, AMS3305, AMS3320, AMS3347, AMS3348 and AMS3349.

Our control plans are unique to your specific needs.  They can include, lot certification with measured values, special inspection, unique labeling or packaging, stock programs, tooling or all the above.  Contact one of our sales engineers and let us know how we can help.

Quality Lot No5

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