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 Other Silicone Products

  • Besides silicone sponge and silicone foam used for high temperature gasket applications do you offer other silicone products?
    • Yes we offer the following silicone and high temperature products:
      • AMS Grade Solid Silicone Sheets - for sealing and press pad applications
      • Silicone Tapes - with silicone pressure sensitive adhesives for splicing and bonding to silicone treated paper and release liners.
      • Silicone Coated Fabrics - with high temperature silicone coatings on both sides of fiberglass for belting, thermal shields and diaphragms.
      • Silicone Coated Thermally Conductive Fabrics - for high heat applications that require thermal conductivity.
      • Silicone Molded Caps and Plugs - for use in powder coating masking applications.
      • Custom Molded Silicone Products - molded to your specifications.
      • PTFE and FEP tapes with pressure sensitive acrylic and silicone adhesives.
      • PTFE coated on both sides of fiberglass for heat sealing applications.
      • PTFE laminated to both sides of fiberglass for demanding heat sealing applications.

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